How to bet on the NBA and win?

How to bet on the NBA and win?

Despite the similarity of betting in the National Basketball Association with other sports, the NBA still has a number of distinctive features.

How to bet on the NBA?

To know how to bet on the NBA, it is necessary to get acquainted with the format of the games in this league. There are 30 teams in the NBA, divided into Eastern and Western Conferences (each of them has 3 divisions with 5 clubs). There are 82 rounds in the NBA Championship. The five teams with the most wins qualify for the final stage of the championship. The competition continues until four wins. One representative from each of the Western and Eastern conferences converges in the finals.

Some features to consider when betting on the NBA:

  • The format of the game: four periods of 12 minutes. No zone defense is used, making the offensive side more efficient.
  • The NBA sponsors all 30 teams in roughly equal proportions, so all teams are on an equal footing. Statistically, about 30% of meetings end with a victory for the underdog.
  • About 60% of victories go to the team hosting their opponents at home.
  • Total bets are widespread. Most bookmakers give a spread with a 15-step difference in one and the other side. On such bets BK take no more than 4 percent margin.
  • One month before the championship, all clubs organize preseason games. During these games, there are 6-10 meetings. Based on the quality of the team’s performance in this preparatory phase, you can draw some conclusions about their future success.
  • It is extremely rare that one team wins more than 10 times in a row. That is why many bettors earn on bets made on the “overtake” system, after 7-8 consecutive victories of one team.
  • Information from previous seasons can only prevent you from drawing conclusions about the strength of the team’s game. The fact is that in the NBA, the team that finished in last place last season can become the champion in the current season. Therefore, you should only analyze the statistics from the meetings of the current year.
  • At the stage of the NBA championship playoffs, it will be profitable to bet on the total less. The fact is that the closer to the finals, the less athletes take risks, and therefore concentrate on defense. As a result, the total number of goals scored in the playoffs is much less than in the regular meetings.

At 0-2, the losing team will very rarely make it to the next round. So, with 2 losses and 0 wins, the team is 93% relegated and only 7% of them manage to stay in the league. This, too, can be taken advantage of when betting on the NBA. Another important rule is that teams that have undergone major personnel changes in the offseason rarely perform well, as the players need time to get used to them. For free NBA analyses, check out our Basketball Predictions section.

Differences of bets on the NBA, VTB League and Euroleague

The NBA is a purely American league with all the advantages and disadvantages that it entails. There are two European basketball associations – the Euroleague and the VTB League – that can compete with the NBA in terms of sports betting. Take, for example, the convenience of live betting. In order to use this type of betting in the NBA, you need to either get up very early or stay up all night because of the time zone difference. In addition, in the NBA, the meeting often ends at 3 hours, and this despite the fact that only 4 quarters of 12 minutes. The delays are due to the constant advertising of time-outs.

Betting on the Euroleague is far more predictable than betting on the NBA. Here, it almost doesn’t matter which side the meeting is on. The favorites in the Euroleague will lose very rarely, as they are motivated to win every encounter. That said, the odds of them winning are high enough to bet on them with confidence.

The Euroleague is a defensive basketball game in which accuracy from behind the three-point line is of less importance. Therefore, here it makes sense to bet on the total less, of course, if the bookmaker offers favorable odds on this event. However, betting in the Euroleague on individual performance for players is not as profitable as in the NBA. For example, such a popular bet for the NBA, as a total of over 20 points on a good player, in the Euroleague will often be a loser. This follows from the more team style inherent in the Euroleague, thanks to which every player on the team can distinguish themselves. In the NBA, only one or two favorites are favored, and these are the ones who get the assists.

Basketball betting fans from the former Soviet Union prefer to bet in the VTB United League. This is a tournament that brings together clubs from Russia, the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Let’s look at some of the features of this league to understand what bets will be most profitable for the VTB League:

  • For the past few years, the composition of the playoffs is virtually unchanged. This indicates the stability of many clubs. Also, this should be taken into account when placing bets on games with no clear favorite. These teams can easily lose to a weaker team in the regular season, saving their energy for a game with the more obvious underdogs. The fact is that in the VTB League you only need to beat about half of your opponents to advance to the playoffs.
  • Sensations are very rare because of the weak competition in the league.
  • Because bookmakers offer small odds on favorites, it is better to bet with minus handicaps.
  • Popular in the VTB League are betting on totals and victories of teams in quarters. The outcome is fairly easy to predict, but the odds are much higher than betting on a win. It is possible to bet with the add-on on the team that lost in 3 quarters, as rarely a team does not win at least one quarter.
  • The 9 teams in the VTB League participate in the Euroleague, which is a more prestigious tournament. Therefore, you should pay attention to the schedule of meetings of these teams to avoid overlapping sets. The fact is that the VTB League match may be released in reserve to save the strength of the core. Therefore, the clear favorite with such a weak squad may well lose to an outsider.
  • Thus, betting on the Euroleague and the VTB League is a great alternative to the NBA.

Types of bets on the NBA

The most popular bet in the National Basketball Association is the bet on the total. Better bookmakers offer a large variation of outcomes in this betting format. At least three totals are offered by each bookmaker on the total outcome of the meeting. In addition, you can bet on the total of the entire meeting or each quarter, the number of fouls, three-point shots, free throws and many other events. The dependence of the bet in the NBA on random points is not as noticeable as, for example, in hockey or soccer. The thing is that in the NBA, the meeting total is much higher compared to these sports, and can range from 150-230 goals.

Bets on the outcome of the meeting in the NBA can be conducted on the main time and overtime. It is extremely rare for the main time to end with a draw result. Differences in odds for events with and without overtime are also very small. It is possible to bet on the winner in each of the four meetings.

Betting on handicaps in the NBA is very different from similar bets for other sports. The fact that the handicap offered by the bookmaker can vary widely (from 2.5 to 25.5), depending on the ratio of teams.

For the NBA is characterized by another type of betting – a comparison of quarters. With this kind of betting, you can compare all of the indicators of the meeting, or only one team. A bookmaker’s office offers to guess in which quarter a given indicator will be higher than the compared one, or to determine the quarter with the maximum value of the indicator.

Matchup is a popular bet in the NBA, in which the bookmaker offers to choose the best team out of two pairs, approximately the same level. For example, the bettor is offered to wager on which of the two teams being compared will score a larger lead in points when they win. The performance of the same team in different matches can also be compared. For example, in which match this team will score more points.

A bet on the team’s passing. The NBA league has the largest number of games in the playoff stage. Therefore, bookmakers offer a lot of betting options on the team’s exit to different stages of the tournament.

Best bookmaker for betting today in the NBA

If choosing the best bookmaker for betting on the NBA today, it is necessary to compare the number of bets offered and the margin of the BC. According to these indicators Marathon is the leader, which on average takes 2.06% of each bet in the form of margin. With equal odds of the teams in the NBA, the odds offered for the teams to win are 1.96-1.96. This bookmaker also features the lowest margin for other leagues in the world of basketball.

Also bookmakers 1xstva and BaltBet show good results. However, just like in other sports, when betting on basketball, you need to compare the lines of several betting companies at once. Sometimes the higher margin betting houses may have events, a bet on which will bring a higher wager.

Betting on the NBA with the right approach can bring constant and good profits. The wide variety of events offered by bookmakers allows you to choose the most reasonable and predictable bet. Therefore, the NBA is a great springboard for betting enthusiasts.

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