How to do betting: Betting on stats

How to do betting: Betting on stats

In soccer, you can bet on corners, offside, yellow cards, in hockey you can bet on shots on the frame and penalty time.

General characteristics of sports betting on statistics

Bets on statistics are made by a player not on the outcome of the match as a whole, but on specific statistical indicators. The most widespread are bets on soccer statistics – corners, offside, percentage of ball possession, yellow cards, fouls and many others. In hockey, you can bet on the statistics of penalty time and shots on goal. Among the individual sports of statistical betting found popularity in tennis. This and the number of double faults, number of aces, breaks, percentage of hitting the first ball and many others. In basketball and other game sports betting on statistics is rarely offered.

The availability of statistical bets depends on the status of the competition. If it is an elite European soccer championship or the Champions League, they can always be seen in a separate section. The bookmakers 1xBet, Marathon offer bets on statistics not only for major tournaments, but also for ordinary matches.

Statistics services for betting

Bookmaker’s offices are limited to providing statistics of recent matches and face-to-face encounters. They are not interested in players to get special knowledge about the number of corners in a team, red/yellow cards and many other indicators. Fortunately, players have statistics services for betting.

A wide range of soccer information is presented at Convenient navigation allows you to quickly find the right championship. There are sections on yellow cards, corner kicks, shots on goal and even referees. And the information can be viewed for the last five seasons. Another plus of this portal – the Russian version.

  • See the statistics of full-time meetings for a long time period on Service of soccer statistics presents information for the last 10 seasons, which allows you to determine a complete picture of the confrontation between the teams.

Statistics on hockey and other sports on the Internet is weak. Betting on these events in bookmakers’ offices is not as widespread as on soccer. However, information about a particular team can be viewed on the official websites of major competitions. For example, the World Ice Hockey Championship website will give detailed information on the performance of each national team, from the realization of the majority and ending with the amount of time spent in the foreign zone.

Large sports portals also update statistics constantly. For example, Here you can not only team stats, but also statistics on specific players. For example, NBA basketball players or NHL hockey players.

Betting strategy on stats

Betting on statistics does not have such wide popularity with bookmakers as the main events. Bookmakers often just do not manage to rely on each other’s opinion when putting quotes. As a consequence, they often make mistakes, which professional bettors are happy to use. So carefully monitor the lines of several betting companies. If you find serious discrepancies, take advantage of the bookmaker’s inattention and make money on it.

Bookmakers sometimes take a formal approach to betting on statistics. They rely solely on mathematics, forgetting about the rules of basic logic. This is especially common for live betting on statistics. For example, Pittsburgh Penguins lose to Washington Capitals with the score 0:2. In terms of shots, the score is 13-10 in favor of the Penguins. Obviously, Pittsburgh will attack the opponent’s goal more often. However, bookmakers often do not take this point into account.

  • It is necessary to actively use their own experience. For example, in the derby of the Spanish soccer giants often occur a large number of corners and yellow cards. Or in hockey, North American teams take more shots than their European rivals. Such is the specificity of their playing style.
  • Some types of betting on statistics, such as shots in hockey – betting shops are not very willing to implement. For example, domestic bookmakers have stopped accepting bets on shots in the KHL, leaving this type only for the NHL. This once again proves the vulnerability of bookmakers in statistical betting. This is something to take advantage of.

Conclusion on statistics betting

Betting on statistics is rapidly gaining momentum. In addition to soccer statistics, bookmakers are actively using hockey and tennis for such betting. Betting on the statistics is impossible without its prior analysis. This is where special services come to the rescue. Actively use live betting in statistics. The percentage of mistakes made by the bookmaker in this direction increases manifold. Using these elementary tips, you can improve the efficiency of statistical betting and increase your income in bookmakers.

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