Slot machine secrets, mechanism and algorithm

Slot machine secrets, mechanism and algorithm

Secrets, operation, mechanism and algorithm of slot machines

Slot machines have been around since 1895 when Charles Fey invented the 3 reel Liberty Bell which allowed the customers in his saloon to keep busy by trying to line up 3 identical symbols.

Today, this emblematic game and favorite of the majority of casino players has greatly evolved and is now played all over the world. The anecdotes, mysteries and secrets of slot machines are not lacking, we will try in this article to clarify some of them in order to fully enjoy this exceptional game in all serenity.

How slots work

All slot machines are designed to reproduce randomness so that players do not know the next outgoing combination and do not anticipate it. Slot machines work differently from a mechanical slot machine to an electronic slot machine and there are dozens of different ways to operate them, but the principle remains the same in most cases.

Although the mechanics have largely disappeared, they were the ones that were used in the past. Equipped with a lever, the player had to insert the coin to unlock a system allowing the lever to be lowered and to rotate the 3 reels until the stoppers were stopped. 

  • The gain was engaged according to the notches of the discs that turned the reels. 
  • Apart from the notches, other models were designed with a printed circuit board system or a more advanced system that used photocells. 
  • Now, all slot machines are controlled by a computer and reproduce randomness using the Random Number Generator (RNG) system, which ensures reliable and secure play. 
  • However, this random number generator offers the casino an advantage of between 5% and 10% on average, depending on the payout rate of each slot machine, which is why it is said that the winner will always remain the casino.

Is it possible to hack a slot machine or find a loophole?

As a result of many news stories, players are increasingly asking themselves if it is possible to crack a slot machine in order to manipulate the results and hit the jackpot. I’ll tell you a secret, our answer to that is that there is no such thing as zero risk! As a proof we can mention a group of Russian hackers who managed to crack some slot machines using a slot machine algorithm and their smartphone.

These individuals would have succeeded in predicting when a spin would be in favor of the player and pocket several thousand euros in this way. Another anecdote tells the story of a young man who succeeded in exploiting a “slot machine loophole” by performing numerous successive manipulations that had the effect of triggering a win more regularly than expected.

On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that these phenomena, loopholes and hacks are exceptional, all the more so since the slot machines used were mostly obsolete and had a faulty random number generator. Don’t think today that you will be able to handle the next slots draw, as slot machine algorithms are improving considerably over time and gaming establishments are putting huge resources into ensuring the security and reliability of their slot machines.

Furthermore, you should not believe in the miracle methods you find on the internet, only chance will allow you to win or not win on slot games. Forget about the loopholes, bugs, scramblers and wobbly ways to hack slots, by believing in these methods and downloading this kind of software, you will only succeed in wasting your time and money. Land or online casinos will be happy to refuse your winnings because of cheating in case of fraud!

What is the real secret of slot machines?

If there was only one secret to remember, it’s that to win, you just have to be lucky! You can use any method to try to manipulate the reels, but that won’t guarantee you the jackpot. However, a simple and legal technique to implement is to maximize your chances of winning by only targeting games with a high payout rate.

By playing slots that offer a higher player advantage, you will win more money in the long run than if you were playing a game with a low payout ratio. For your information, find the payout ratio of the games on our guide or on the game’s help page, if it is between 95% and more, it’s good for you! To practice playing the slots, there’s nothing like the demo version! You now know all the secrets of the slot machines, with one last one for the road: find more than 2000 free slot machines to play with peace of mind on our guide!

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